Infographic: Cryptocurrency and gaming

Infographic: Cryptocurrency and gaming QUOTECATALOG // WWW.QUOTECATALOG.COM

Cryptocurrency seems all the rage these days.  Between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more, the market is vast and its future uncertain.

As a digital monetary unit, however, it seems like the marriage of cryptocurrencies and gaming should be a hand-in-hand marraige.  WAX, which stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange, took a look at this exact thing and have released an infographic highlighting their findings.

"The survey was commissioned by the team at OPSkins and WAX," says FortyThree PR representative Salvador Ingram on behalf of WAX.  "OPSkins is a virtual gaming items marketplace -- the largest in the world, adding over 200,000 new users monthly -- and WAX Token is a cryptocurrency recently introduced by OPSkins after a successful ICO late last year."

Take a look:

The above infographic is courtesy of FortyThreePR.

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