Hand-drawn JRPG 'Azure Saga: Pathfinder' receives Steam launch date

A battle occurring in 'Azure Saga: Pathfinder'. A battle occurring in 'Azure Saga: Pathfinder'. MASSHIVE MEDIA

Coming to Steam on Mar. 13 is Azure Saga: Pathfinder, an anime-inspired 2.5D adventure from, MassHive Media, makers of 2014’s well-received Vimala: Defense Warlords.

The game takes place into the future once the human race has spread to colonies scattered across the known universe.  Besieged on all fronts, humanity’s last hope is the legendary planet Azure – a world brimming with life and natural resources.  Finding a new home is all that stands between survival and extinction.

Players take on the role of a young scientist named Synch who takes off on a perilous journey to Azure, where he will hopefully reunite with his father and bring hope to the human race.

Azure Saga features an immersive world with what MassHive Media calls "a classic storyline [that's] sure to please veterans and newbies alike."  The game also boasts traditional turn-based RPG gameplay with random enemy encounters, a gear system, character abilities, and is packed with adventures, puzzles, and secrets to discover.

Azure Saga: Pathfinder will be available on Steam Tues., Mar. 13 for $9.74 – 25% off retail.  The game will return to its original price of $12.99 a week later – on Mar. 20.  Azure Saga is compatible with Windows and Mac.

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