'Beholder 2' GDC trailer leaked

'Beholder 2' GDC trailer leaked WARM LAMP GAMES

The 2018 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco may be a few days away from kicking off, but that hasn't stopped the official GDC trailer for Beholder 2, the upcoming computer game from developer Warm Lamp Games, from being leaked early.

The game takes place in the same grim and hopeless dystopian Beholder universe where privacy is dead and a totalitarian State controls every aspect of life ruled by the same “Wise Leader.”  Warm Lamp Games says this upcoming sequel will feature an expansive 3D world filled with new scenes, rooms, and floors inside the actual Ministry.

Take a look at the GDC gameplay trailer:

Beholder 2 is expected to launch onto Steam for PC in the latter half of 2018.

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