Check out this new 'Battlerite Royale' gameplay trailer

Check out this new 'Battlerite Royale' gameplay trailer SUNLOCK STUDIOS

Sunlock Studios has released its first gameplay trailer for Battlerite Royale, the next entry into the company's Battlerite franchise.

Check it out:

Says Sunlock Studios:

In Battlerite Royale, players skydive from the back of a mysterious flying creature to land on Talon Island and begin exploring the lush and colourful surroundings. During fast-paced matches players roam a map 30 times larger than a standard Battlerite arena map in order to find a variety of items and consumables, fight other players to grab their loot, and ultimately be the last one standing on the island. There will be several Champions to choose from, each with their own unique fighting style. The signature Battlerite combat and input system remain unchanged, though all Champions have been optimized for Battlerite Royale.

Battlerite Royale will launch on Steam Early Access as a standalone game this September.

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