Visual novel 'The Ditzy Demons are in Love with Me' comes soon to Steam

An in-game image from 'The Ditzy Demons are in Love with Me'. An in-game image from 'The Ditzy Demons are in Love with Me'. SMILE

Sekai Project unveils plans to release the upcoming visual novel, The Ditzy Demons are In Love with Me, onto Steam on Oct. 26.

Made by some of the same folks responsible for the Nekopara series, this new visual novel from developer Smile takes place in a sunny resort town.  It's the setting in which academic student Ren finds out that not all residents of his idyllic hometown are actually human.

Here's what Sekai Project says about the game:

A relatively normal young man’s life is flipped upside down after accidentally being branded a problem student and sent by mistake to a special dorm. Located off the grounds of the regular academy campus, this dormitory is designed as a rehabilitation resort for useless, failed, and generally good-for-nothing otherworldly creatures.

He ends up being tasked with the job of helping the five problematic demons who each have their own specific quirks… failing at their own demonic nature. As the supernatural girls learn to embrace what should have been their instinctive tendencies, they all gravitate in their own ditzy way towards Ren.

His happy and troublesome days as an assistant for these cute but incompetent demons has begun.

The Ditzy Demons are In Love with Me is not for everybody as it contains crude sexual humor, sexual situations, implied sexual interactions, suggestive content, and partial nudity.

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