Magic: The Gathering's Grand Prix Las Vegas 2018 in saw not only great decks and great games of Magic: The Gathering, but also a slew of impressive cosplayers.

Roosterteeth unveils a limited time only store in Los Angeles for E3.

Las Vegas' LVL-UP Expo 2018 saw not only cool video games, card game action, and anime, but also a great number of cosplayers.

The City of Arlington, Texas, looks to build the largest eSports venue in the USA.

For the first time outside of Japan, an orchestral concert series will be touring featuring music from the Metal Gear video game franchise.

Should cryptocurrencies and gaming go hand in hand?

The official Kingdom Hearts concert series goes back on tour in June 2018.

Special collection of Superman stories and essays is part of DC’s star-studded "Action Comics #1000" celebration.

Trends show that there’s a growing number of eSports-focued women in every game genre who are seeing big success.

WalletHub names the best and worst metro areas for STEM professionals, and you might be surprised.

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