'Shiness' soundtrack published worldwide

'Shiness' soundtrack published worldwide ENIGAMI

Fans of the RPG series Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom no longer need to play the game to enjoy its music as Wayô Records Friday released the game's soundtrack worldwide.

Available in physical CD format via the Wayô Records website and digitally on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play, the Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Original Soundtrack features enchanting melodies reminiscent of the golden age of JRPGs.  In the album, composer Hazem Hawash makes his compositional debut with a guest contribution from Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta.

"Few years ago at Japan Expo (France), I first met Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom creator and composer Hazem Hawash," notes Wayô Records Producer Jonathan Khersis.  "I was really moved the first time I heard Hazem's work as it not only worked well with the game's atmosphere, but also sent me back to my childhood by reminding me of my favorite RPG soundtracks from the SNES and PlayStation eras.  My hope is that RPG fans will listen to and appreciate this amazing soundtrack and be reminded of their childhood as well."

The Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Original Soundtrack consists of 74 tracks.  The physical CD release is comprised of two disks and comes complete with a 12-page booklet with composer liner notes and artwork.

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