Chris Kratt wild about 'Wild Kratts'

The Kratt Brothers don bat suits in 'Wild Kratts'. The Kratt Brothers don bat suits in 'Wild Kratts'. PBS

During the 2017 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, Wild Kratts co-creator Chris Kratt sat down to talk about the show with GeekNifty.

Going into its fifth season on PBS Kids, the educational cartoon follows the exploits of animated versions of brothers Chris and Martin Kratt.  Thanks to the scientific genius of their friend and cohort, Aviva, the brothers don special suits that let them take on the characteristics of the animals around them during their adventures.  While the show aims to be entertaining, the whole point of it is to educate children about wildlife and the natural world around them.

"We balance the entertainment with the science because it's just natural that when you look at animals in terms of their amazing abilities -- their creature powers -- those creature powers are usually tied to some science concept," explains Kratt.  "Like, for example, why can peregrine falcons fly so fast?  Well, it's because they harness the power of gravity.  They tuck their wings and they fall straight down like a stone falling from the sky and gravity takes them faster and faster."

Kratt points out that in that example the show is able to teach both gravity and about the peregrine falcon in an entertaining way that will keep its younger viewers interested.

Chris Kratt on 'Wild Kratts' by GeekNifty

Moving beyond television, Wild Kratts can also be seen at retail.  The Kratt brothers have teamed up not only with toy manufacturers and the like to make officially-licensed Wild Kratts toys, character costumes, and books, but also with retailers such as Whole Foods to sell show-licensed healthy foods like apple juice and animal crackers.

"Those are all organic," points out Kratt.

As for the forthcoming season five of Wild Kratts, the Kratt brothers are producing 20 new episodes including a bunch that take place in India.  That means that kids can look forward to learning about tigers, komodo dragons, and the like.  Kratt also says that he's very proud of not only this season's Halloween special, but also the hour-long special that's set to air this July about Alaska.

"It's an epic animal journey that can only be told in a one-hour special," Kratt says.

Wild Kratts can be seen on PBS Kids (check your local listings) with back episodes available on the show's PBS Kids webpage.

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