Walkthrough video released for sci-fi game 'Echo'

Walkthrough video released for sci-fi game 'Echo' ULTRA ULTRA

Game dev Ultra Ultra has released a new full level walkthrough video for Echo, the studio's debut title.

The video is narrated by Ultra Ultra’s Martin Emborg, CEO and game director, and Morten Hedegren, game and level designer.  It follows protagonist En as she sneaks, shoots and runs her way through the Palace, gigantic structure hidden in the depths of space.  Viewers can follow along as Martin and Morten have En storm a room in the Palace and watch as the Palace creates enemy “Echoes” of En that constantly evolve, adapt and learn from En’s actions, keeping players on their toes as they battle semblances of themselves.

Take a gander:

Echo is a third-person sci-fi adventure game that is set to launch Sept. 19 for PC and PlayStation 4.

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