'Life is Feudal: MMO' launching open beta in November

Life is Feudal: MMO. Life is Feudal: MMO. XSOLLA INC.

After closed beta tests, Life is Feudal: MMO, the social-focused medieval life simulation for PC, will be launching in open beta on November 17.


Life is Feudal: MMO is a large-scale group-focused RPG, that places players in a non-fantasy, medieval world. Players need to work as a team to gather resources, build shelter, craft tools and form a fully functioning feudal society. The game starts you off as a peasant, and you have to work your way up by building and crafting. Players can team up with each other to can form guilds and gradually find a job or niche in feudal society.

Life is Feudal: MMO will launch its open beta on November 17, 2017 and will come in three different starter packages. Sign ups for the Life is Feudal Beta are available now at play.lifeisfeudal.com.

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