'Diddy Kong Racing' gets EDM tribute album

'Diddy Kong Racing' gets EDM tribute album MATERIA COLLECTIVE

Materia Collective releases a tribute album to the Nintendo 64 game Diddy Kong Racing featuring EDM remixes of all its world and boss themes across 20 tracks.

Now available via Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify, Future Dance Land: An Electronic Tribute to Diddy Kong Racing was produced by Nicholas Arden Day and features a variety of composers, arrangers, and EDM artists.

"Diddy Kong Racing contains some of my all-time favorite game music," notes album producer and arranger Nicholas Arden Day.  "I felt it was only fitting to combine these catchy tunes with EDM.  Once I discovered the 20th anniversary of Diddy Kong Racing was approaching, the idea for this album was born."

Future Dance Land: An Electronic Tribute to Diddy Kong Racing full track list:
01. Trap Kong
02. The Lap Before Time
03. Jungle TechnoFalls
04. Hoota Buta No Regrets 2017
05. Gonna Get Tricky
06. Going Down an Ever Happy Downward Trajectory Incline
07. Walrus Cove (Icetown Remix)
08. A Blue Walrus (Gotta Beat Bluey)
09. Pirate Lagoon
10. The Secret Trance
11. Seaside Ride (FACT.50 Remix)
12. Boulder Canyon
13. Psykong
14. Wizpig
15. Star City the Third
16. SpaceParty Alpha
17. Totally Radical Orbit
18. Wizpig
19. Timber's Beach Party
20. Hot Top Volcano, But Sexy

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