Orchestral 'Legend of Zelda' album coming this May

Orchestral 'Legend of Zelda' album coming this May MATERIA PROJECT

Materia Collective announces Ballads of Hyrule, a new The Legend of Zelda album coming out May 1 from composer Rozen.

The album includes a number of fan-favorite tracks from across the series.  This includes "Song of Storms" and "Zelda's Lullaby" from Ocarina of Time, "Ballad of the Windfish" from Link's Awakening, "Outset Island" and "Dragon Roost Island" from Wind Waker, and "Kass's Theme" from Breath of the Wild."

"Ballads of Hyrule is the spiritual antithesis to Sins of Hyrule," explains arranger Rozen. "The goal is to draw you into the more contemplative side of the lands of Hyrule; a nocturnal walk that feeds on the gifts left by the three goddesses: Nayru, Farore and Din, captured in nature." 

The full track list for Ballads of Hyrule is as follows:

  1. Fairy's Tears
  2. Ballad of the Windfish
  3. Lost in the Wind
  4. Sheik's Devotion
  5. Kass' Theme
  6. Moonlit Stroll on Dragoon Roost Island
  7. Zora's Domain
  8. Serenade of Water
  9. Kakariko Village
  10. Stables ~ Epona
  11. Come Visit from Time to Time
  12. Song of Storms
  13. Naryu's Love
  14. Din's Fire
  15. Farore's Wind
In addition to releasing digitally onto Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp this May, Ballads of Hyrule will also receive a physical release.  Expected to ship in the latter half of 2018, a 4-panel digipak CD and limited edition vinyl will also be available.  The vinyl will sport beautiful artwork and a sleek white record that will be limited to only 500 units.

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