E3 2018: Eorzean Symphony – 'Final Fantasy XIV' in concert

Eorzean Symphony - Final Fantasy XIV. Eorzean Symphony - Final Fantasy XIV. GEEKNIFTY

Amongst legions of fans dressed as miqo'te's, the Eorzean Symphony played the music of Final Fantasy XIV at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on Friday. With some of the creators in attendance, the concert started off with 'A New Hope' and went on from there.

The performance was pretty great. Having gone to several symphony orchestras before, the musicians here were top notch. I haven't really played all that much of the series, but the music did what good instrumental music does – it makes you feel, and if it's from a series, your mind automatically goes to it. It was part fantasy, part classical, part Hans Zimmer and part John Williams. The choir, too, combined with the orchestra to make some songs that really made me wish I played more of the series.