5 soundtrack songs that were replaced at the last minute (Vol. X)

5 soundtrack songs that were replaced at the last minute (Vol. X) MENTALFLOSS

There's no such thing as a perfect soundtrack to a movie. Even if the director think they have a great lineup of songs to compliment the movie, songs can fall through or not be up to standards. Iconic endings have been created this way – as well as possibly destroyed. We've had dozens of these in the last 9 installments (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9), and we're proud to bring you more in number 10:


Set in 1976, Dazed and Confused brought in a snapshot of the time, heightened by the ridiculousness of drugs, teenage worry and crazy characters like a young adult who prefers to hang around teenagers. Also of note is the non-stop 70's music, including the iconic ending set to Foghat's “Slow Ride”:

Perfect ending, right? Well, it originally wasn't, and the creators wanted another song – Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin:

As good as it was, director Richard Linklater could not afford Zeppelin, and opted for the cheaper Foghat. As amazing as the song was and would fit there, one equally as good needed to replace it before their soundtrack budget ballooned out.


Gravity Falls had many things going for it on the Disney Channel: A unique premise, a unique location in Oregon and an X-Files-lite host of supernatural goings-on. Oh, and the creepy opening:

TV show openings can make or break a series, in that it can get people to stay on. Every part needed to be perfect, and when music is involved, it requires options to be the best. So, Gravity Falls had option too:

The original version won out, despite being so close that each opening could be matched to the current opening, and many being similar in themes.


Back in the 90's, MST3K opted to put out a full length movie. The invested in a bigger set, a bigger movie and tried to reach as many audiences as possible. Included in this jump to more people, a new instrumental intro was introduced in the surf-rock fashion of the time.

Dave Alvin, the artist, first had to find out that his entire soundtrack had just been cut to that. If left in, his intro would have welcomed the show to the 90's, as well as on a higher plane of viewership.

Unfortunately, the MST3K movie slowly began adding just the basics, and soon, despite being quality, was left out of promotional consideration, was left to only a theater, and only later would it get the cult status it now has.


1983 was the summer of James Bond – Octopussy, the official Bond film, was all set, while a rival 007 movie was made with the original Bond, Sean Connery. A nasty book rights issue caused a double movie year to happen, and they went head to head. Like any Bond film, an opening song was needed. Octopussy went slow and moody while Never Say Never Again went totally 80's.


After Bonnie Tyler declined, Lani Hall decided to go at it and did it. As cool as that was, it actually manged to beat out the original by Phyllis Hyman.

With Hall being modern and new-wave-y, Hyman represented the subdued, little less 80s intro. Naturally she ended up losing to Hall. It must have done the trick, as Octopussy was beaten in the box office by NSNA.


To this day, people swear Audrey Hepburn sang for all of her parts in the musical My Fair Lady. While she did sing one that made it, the rest were sent to be dubbed by Marni Nixon.

Hepburn was NOT happy with it, and years later after her recordings came out, most fans of the movie agreed: She did an awesome job.

Why the change then? Back in the 60's, it was widely seen as one of Julie Andrew's roles. Thus, a a good, quality voice was needed to compare. Today, in a world of auto-tune, this is seen as out of touch. Keeping her original voice was seen as more realistic as a non-singer like her character Eliza would have been.

Much of this is hindsight, or simple “What would that have been like's?”. But, because of so many soundtrack are scrutinized years or decades later, possibly better alternatives paint a picture on how already awesome movies could have been that much better.

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