An outline of some of the worst, best, and potentially successful video game-turned-movies

The 'Mortal Kombat' movie saw its original theatrical release on August 18, 1995. The 'Mortal Kombat' movie saw its original theatrical release on August 18, 1995. NEW LINE CINEMA / WARNER BROS.

The 'Mortal Kombat' franchise is one of the most successful fighting games ever. It gained a cult following back in the day through the gameplay’s utter brutality and its characters’ sheer nastiness. However, the same couldn’t be said when it came to the movie; just refer to Business Insider’s Alex Perry and his list of the 10 worst video game-based films. Video games turned movies have been a common theme in the ‘90s. Since the turn of the century, there have been a handful of notable ones anywhere from the aforementioned 'Mortal Kombat' film to the 'Tomb Raider' and 'Resident Evil' movie adaptations.

Video games, regardless of platform and version, present massive business opportunities, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Hollywood kingpins are working on turning a handful of franchises into films. Part of gaming’s charm also lies in its adaptability and overall versatility. It’s rather easy to incorporate themes into online games, as designers can just execute them once they get the go signal in terms of commercial licenses. Pocketfruity, an online company from the UK, has numerous partnerships with high profile movie houses, providing their user base with thematic games from well known franchises. One of their most popular games is from the über successful 'Jurassic Park' film franchise as well as a 'Sherlock Holmes' title that’s also garnered acclaim from the media. On the flipside, there’s no denying that these so-called partnerships with digital entertainment platforms have been extremely beneficial for movie houses as the commercial licenses that come with these deals can reach millions of dollars.

A scene from video game 'The Last of Us'.
A scene from video game 'The Last of Us'. (NAUGHTY DOG)

Nowadays, there have been plenty of video games-movies tie-ups that have failed due to poor storyline, execution, and other essential factors. But there are also those – specifically modern day titles – that have the potential to be huge box office successes. Some of the hotly anticipated video game franchises are well on their way to the silver screen and are receiving the full on Hollywood treatment. There are the likes of Ubisoft’s 'Assassin’s Creed', which is set to be released soon and stars Michael Fassbender.

Since the video game version got a reboot in 2013, film producers are looking into doing the same with the 'Tomb Raider' movie franchise. Norwegian director and writer, Roar Uthaug and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, plan to improve the older film version featuring Angelina Jolie.

Lastly, there have been rumors circulating about a possible movie adaptation of the commercially successful, PlayStation exclusive title, 'Last of Us'. The post-apocalyptic thriller has arguably the best video game storyline in recent years, which will make it easy for film producers to translate it to the big screen.

All in all, video games and movies go hand in hand. Both are viable tools for entertainment, as well as marketable platforms for various businesses. Some may fall under the categories of the 'Mortal Kombats' and the 'Street Fighters', while others can be compared to a decent 'Resident Evil' movie series. Let’s just hope 2017 provides us with more of the latter.

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