Kickstarter campaign for 'The Banner Saga 3' concludes successfully

The Banner Saga 3. The Banner Saga 3. VERSUS EVIL, LLC

Earlier this week, the Kickstarter campaign for The Banner Saga 3, the final chapter in the series that made its debut on Kickstarter as well, completed successfully by raising $416,986 of its original $200,000 goal. The game's unlocked stretch goals include Survival Mode, Ubin as a playable character, and the game mode Eternal Arena. The main story of the game will take the campaign beyond the Darkness to see what lies beyond.

"The support from backers and the community has been amazing, and it’s humbling to know that RTS fans around the world really want to support us," said John Watson, co-founder and Technical Director at Stoic. "The additional funds will be invested into bringing as much of our intended vision to the final game and rewarding our backers’ support with an unforgettable experience to conclude this epic tale."

The Banner Saga 3 does not currently have a release date.

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