It’s 2017 and the days of superheroines backing up the superheroes should be over.

We take a look at five more movies that had to drop some pretty great songs.

Chris Kratt, co-creator of the PBS Kids cartoon Wild Kratts, speaks with GeekNifty about the show as it makes its way through its fifth season.

Jonathan and Drew Scott, best known as HGTV's Property Brothers, talk not only about their Scott Living brand, but also about their time acting in shows like X-Files and Smallville, and Jonathan's love of magic.

Wayô Records releases the soundtrack to the PS4 RPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom.

With the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie now out, we bring a new batch of songs that didn't quite make the cut.

Warner Bros. Pictures releases the first official movie trailer for the upcoming 'Justice League' major motion picture.

Video games, regardless of platform and version, present massive business opportunities, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Hollywood kingpins are working on turning a handful of franchises into films.

AppleTV users can now access live television programming via Sony's PlayStation Vue service.

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