'Elite Dangerous' coming to PS4 next month

'Elite Dangerous' coming to PS4 next month FRONTIER DEVELOPMENTS

The upcomiing massively multiplayer space epic, Elite Dangerous, is slated to come out for PlayStation 4 on June 27 according to word from developer Frontier Developments.  Furthermore, Elite Dangerous and the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season passes will be available digitally on the PlayStation Store as standalone products or together as part of the Commander Deluxe Edition, complete with the bonus Commander Paint Pack.

Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition will also be available at physical retail stores for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the same day, featuring Elite Dangerous, the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season pass and a bonus 1,000 Frontier Points to spend on in-game cosmetic items.

In Elite Dangerous, players take control of their own starship in a cutthroat galaxy.  It takes place in the year 3300 across the vast expanse of an epic, full-scale recreation of the Milky Way.  Interstellar rivalries flare as galactic superpowers fight proxy wars.  Some may know you as an ally; others will call you a pirate, a bounty hunter, a smuggler, an explorer, an assassin, a hero…  Players can fly alone or with friends, fight for a cause or go it alone.  Starting with nothing but a small starship and a handful of credits, players will need to do whatever it takes to earn the skill, knowledge, wealth, and power to stand among the ranks of the Elite.

Elite Dangerous is rated "T for Teen" by the ESRB.

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