Shmup 'Defenders of Ekron' gets mid-August release

Shmup 'Defenders of Ekron' gets mid-August release VITRO GAMES

Vitro Games' upcoming adventure shoot 'em up (shmup), Defenders of Ekron, has gotten a mid-August release date for PS4 and PC via PlayStation Network and Steam, respectively.

Ahead of the game's launch, Vitro Games has released a collection of new screenshots showing war-torn battlefields, massive bosses, and deadly labyrinths of bullets and lasers.

Defenders of Ekron features ten levels, an immersive story, and a mix combat skills ranging from melee-based sword fighting, pyromancy, electromagnetism, dashing, and so on.  Furthermore, there are 53 training drills to allow players to hone their skills and earn extras that can be used on missions or in the Hangar to upgrade their mech.  The game also boasts a soundtrack performed and recorded by in-house hard rock band, Action Replay.


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