'Beat The Game' gets September release date

'Beat The Game' gets September release date WORK ANIMATION

Worm Animation's Dali-esque title Beat The Game will be coming out in Sept. 7 for PC with a release for Xbox One planned for later in the year.

Beat The Game combines handcrafted characters and environments with classic 3D point and click adventuring, while adding an intuitive music making mechanic.  Inspired as much by twentieth century surrealists, Dali and Ernst, as modern European techno, the game developer says that Beat The Game is a charming adventure game with a heart made of music.

Beat The Game is about finding pleasure in music.  With Mistik’s sequencer, anyone will be able to create their own unique club track within the game,” said Cemre Ozkurt, founder of Worm Animation.  “The world and our characters hopefully show how transformative and fun making music can be.  As our debut title, we’re so excited to finally share our own vision of the classic point and click game. We’ve built a beautiful 3D environment, characters of real personality and a dynamic, shifting soundtrack to accompany the action.”

Beat The Game on PC is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.  The game will be obtainable via download from Steam.

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