Review: Enhance Clip-on Headset Mount

Review: Enhance Clip-on Headset Mount ACCESSORY POWER

Sometimes it's the more simple designs that are best.

Accessory Power's Enhance Clip-on Headset Mount is a fairly basic device aimed at PC gamers, giving them a handy place to hang their gaming headset while not in use.  There isn't any flash to it.  There is no LED illumination or Bluetooth anything, but the few features this device does have do well enough.

Designed to clip onto one's desk and let the user's headset hang below, the mount features a spring-loaded clamp that expands to almost its entire height.  This allows the mount to be installed onto almost any thickness of desktop.  For the purpose of this review, the mount was installed onto a Malm computer desk from IKEA.  The spring-loaded clamp snapped right back into place and provided a firm enough grip onto the desk without damaging the surface whatsoever.  While compatible with most realistic thicknesses of desktop, those who own a computer desk with a thin desktop surfaces (such as glass top computer desks) will find that the clamp likely won't close far enough to provide a secure enough installation.  Accessory Power itself says the clamp is made for desks between 10mm and 40mm in thickness

On the bottom of the clamp is the actual headset hook.  It's easily large enough to handle big-form-factor headsets such as the Razer Electra V2 (which just happens to be the headset tested with the mount in this review).  One very nice thing here is that the hook swivels 360-degrees for ease of access.  This was critical in our test as the only place we could find to install the mount is directly above one of the desk's occupied built-in shelves.  The hook also had a cable loop designed to keep the headset's wire in check, but it proved to be more of an annoyance to deal with than useful.  In the end, we just found it was easier to wrap the cord around the headset itself before placing it onto the mount.

The Enhance Clip-on Headset Mount carries an MSRP of $14.99, which is near the $20 ceiling that would be reasonable to pay for the device.  If you think this headset mount is for you, use the discount code below to save yourself a few bucks on it.

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