Baseless Speculation: 12 cards we expect to see in 'Masters 25'

Baseless Speculation: 12 cards we expect to see in 'Masters 25' WIZARDS OF THE COAST

Wizards of the Coast's next "Masters" set, Masters 25, is due out March 16.  We already know two of the cards -- Jace, The Mind Sculpter from Worldwake and Azusa, Lost but Seeking from Champions of Kamigawa -- and can infer from the packaging that Arcbound Ravager from Darksteel will also be in the set.  There has also been an image of New Phyrexia's Phyrexian Obliterator floating around the Internet.  As for the rest?

With less than a month to go before the reprint set sees its release, WotC will very soon begin revealing what cards players can expect to find when they crack open packs.  Before that happens, we've put together our own wish list of a dozen cards that we hope to see in the set, which WotC says "celebrates the 25 years of Magic's history."


Ancient Stirrings (Rise of the Eldrazi)

Available only in its original Rise of the Eldrazi printing, Ancient Stirrings is a critical card for a number of decks including Bant Eldrazi, Tron, Amulet Titan, and more.  Because of its demand and limited availability, however, it's also nearly a $4 common.

A printing in Masters 25 will probably bump its rarity up to uncommon, but that'll be a small inconvenience.  The point is it would be back in print and that's enough to help out a lot of deck builders.


Astral Slide (Onslaught)

Astral Slide decks were all the rage in the mid-2000's as the deck was a very common sight at LGS's nationwide.  Now that Amonkhet's brought Cycling back in style, perhaps it's time to give the card Astral Slide its first reprinting ever.

In all honestly, we wouldn't be surprised to see a handful of cards with Cycling in Masters 25 as it is.  Should that be the case, NOT having Astral Slide in the set would be quite the omission.  We're not sure, though, if the card should remain at uncommon or be bumped up in rarity.


Chromatic Sphere (Invasion)

A very versatile card, Chromatic Sphere made its debut in Invasion and most recently saw print in Mirrodin.  While as a mana filter, it's a one shot action, the included card draw is a nice bonus.  The card sees play in a handful of decks including Storm, a number of Tron varients, and in decks running Tarmogoyf.

Chromatic Sphere is also quite useful in Limited formats where it can not only provide a little card acceleration, but also help a player get out of a jam when they don't have the right lands in play.


Demonic Tutor (Core Set)

The original and arguably best Tutor card ever printed, Demonic Tutor was (and still is) a staple Magic card.  While it recently saw print in 2014 courtesy of the Duel Decks Anthology boxed set, the card hasn't actually been seen in packs since 1994 when players could crack it out of packs of Revised.

Should the card see print in Masters 25, we don't expect Wizards of the Coast to keep it at uncommon.  In our minds, it should be slotted at rare (though we could see some arguments for mythic).


Ensnaring Bridge (Stronghold)

Wizards of the Coast tends to dislike cards that promote non-interaction.  Then again, WotC tends to contradict themselves from time to time.

Ensnaring Bridge was last printed as a Masterpiece card in the Kaladesh block.  As such, the chance of cracking one was next to zero.

Actually, the last time Magic players had a realistic shot at opening an Ensnaring Bridge was in 8th Edition.  That's some 15 years ago!

Maybe it's time to pop the Bridge back into print?


Lightning Bolt (Core Set)

Lightning Bolt is easily one of the best and most efficient direct damage cards ever printed in Magic.  While not overly powerful or "broken," it's a card that finds its way into a number of aggressive decks.

Despite player demand, Wizards of the Coast has been shy about reprinting the card for Standard.  With that in mind, a Masters 25 printing could be a way for them to get the card back out on the market while quelling some of the vocal demand for the card.


Rishadan Port (Mercadian Masques)

Magic players have been asking for a reprint of Rishadan Port for years (if not nearly two decades).  Aside from a Judge promo, Port has seen print in its debut set of Mercadian Masques and, well, that's it.

The card is surprisingly powerful and there was a trend when the card was in print that players would play Port just to deal with their opponent's Port.  Regardless, the fact of the matter is that the card is scarce having not been printed since 1999.  Players would greatly appreciate having a chance to crack one in Masters 25.


Sengir Vampire (Core Set)

It it a powerful card?  No.  It hasn't been in years.

Is it an iconic card that is instantly associated with Magic: The Gathering?  You bet it is.

It's that second part that makes us want to see Sengir Vampire in Masters 25.  Old school players will get a kick out of it.  It can be quite the force in limited.  And it's fun to have in your opening hand when coupled with a pair of Dark Rituals.

This card's inclusion is almost strictly on a nostalgia basis, and we are okay with this.


Terror (Core Set)

Like Sengir Vampire above it, we'd like to see Terror in Masters 25 for nostalgic reasons above anything else.  The card is, after all, the original efficient spot removal card and it set the template for nearly every card like it that came after.

While cards like Doom Blade (recently reprinted) and Go For The Throat may be more powerful, the flavor of  scaring someone to death -- literally dying due to terror -- is juicy.


Thalia, Guardian of Thraben (Dark Ascension)

While the Eldritch Moon version of Thalia was grabbing headlines not too long ago, the original Dark Ascension version is by far the superior one.

A great sideboard card that can also find a home in the main deck, the Guardian of Thraben really slows things down for your opponent.  Counterspell becomes Cancel.  Force of Will now costs (1) even when played for "free".

She is in some respects Lodestone Golem's little sister.  In a previous Modern Masters set, we had the Golem.  Why not the better Thalia this time around?


"Tron" lands (Antiquities)

Originally printed in Antiquities, the "Tron" lands (Urza's Mine, Power Plant, and Tower) have become the staple land base for an entire breed of deck that's rather popular in Modern.  Unfortunately, they haven't seen print since 9th Edition and are increasingly scarce.  As such, the more recent printings of each land is going for some $3-4 each.

Considering the popularity of "Tron" decks, their place in Magic's pre-mending storyline, and the à la carte price of the individual cards, it only makes sense that WotC would want to bring them back in Masters 25.


Ugin, the Spirit Dragon (Fate Reforged)

It would stand to reason that Jace, The Mind Sculptor won't be the only Planeswalker printed in Masters 25.  That said, there are few that can hold a candle next to that card.  One of those is Ugin, the Spirit Dragon from Fate Reforged.

The card has yet to see a reprint with the only other printing being a promotional variant from the Ugin's Fate packs.  Despite his high casting cost, Ugin sees play in a number of decks including Tron and Atraxa EDH.

His inclusion in Masters 25 would be much appreciated.

There are, of course, many many more cards that we could have put on this list.  Limiting ourselves to a cool dozen is fairly restrictive (especially when you consider the set contains 249 cards), but that's the parameter we decided to use for this article.  Had we done more cards, we could have easily included the likes of something from Portal Three Kingdoms, as well as reprints of Chalice of the Void, Aether Vial, Crucible of Worlds, and many many more cards.  That said, what cards would you like to see included in Masters 25?

Masters 25 is expected out March 16, 2018, and will retail at $9.99 per pack.

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