'Pathologic 2' enters open alpha

An alpha screenshot from 'Pathologic 2'. An alpha screenshot from 'Pathologic 2'. TINYBUILD

The upcoming indie game Pathologic 2 has entered into open alpha.

TinyBuild says the alpha build features the first three chapters of the dozen that will be included in the final build of the game.  They also point out that the game is "very much a work in progress."

Interested PC gamers who would like to check the alpha out can do so by signing up at http://www.pathologic-game.com/ .

Pathologic 2 itself is a narrative-driven survival thriller.  The game is set in a town that is being consumed by a deadly plague.  Players will face the realities of a collapsing society as they make difficult choices in seemingly lose-lose situations as they discover they simply can't save everyone.

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