The Professor Layton series is back, but this time it's his daughter leading the charge.

Nintendo chooses developer MercurySteam to make its next Metroid title for 3DS.

Nintendo unveils new worlds for Super Mario Odyssey, the first 3D sandbox-style Mario adventure in more than 15 years, and makes many other announcements during E3 2017.

Do you want a Trials clone on your 3DS? Here's one.

The Nintendo 3DS exclusive Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop is now available at retail with a digital release coming in just a couple of days.

The final 3DS installment in the Cooking Mama series is scheduled to come out this month.

A new member in Nintendo's 2DS/3DS family of portable gaming systems is coming out in July.

Stunt bike game Urban Trial Freestyle 2, is now available in North America and the South American country of Brazil.

Rising Star Games unveils the physical retail and digital release dates for Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop.

According to website, video game console trade-ins are at an all-time high leading up to this week’s launch of the Nintendo Switch.

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