Survival game ‘Displaced’ enters open beta

Survival game ‘Displaced’ enters open beta ALWAR

Russian video game publisher Alawar's single-player survival game, Displaced, is now in its open beta phase can can be obtained via a free download on Steam.

The game tasks players to help a group of civilians escape a war-stricken country by completing quests and managing various encounters with other survivors with turn-based card-style battles.  Players progress in the game through dialog sequences, triggering a specific storyline each time they choose a reply from the several available options.

“We want people to relate to the story and empathize with the game characters and experience the hardships war refugees have to endure. Therefore, players lead regular civilians, who have until just recently led normal, peaceful lives, and now find themselves fighting for survival”, said Yuliya Mitryukova, Marketing Manager from Alawar.  ”Providing a free Displaced demo to the community will help us collect invaluable feedback on how to improve the game experience.”

Drawn-out conflicts between separatists and the government have left the country in complete disarray with devastated surroundings.  Chaos is everywhere and civilians are going rogue, forming gangs in order to survive.  Caught in the midst of a war that has disrupted their whole world, a group of survivors sets out on a mission to escape the collapsing country.

Players begin Displaced by selecting five out of ten people available to form a team of survivors, shown as a token on the map of the country.  In order to lead the team out of the war-zone successfully, players need to manage the group’s hunger, energy, and stress levels while scavenging for supplies, completing various quests, and battling it out with aggressive survivors.

Displaced is expected to be fully launched in June.

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