Revamped 'Crashday: Redline Edition' announced for August release

Revamped 'Crashday: Redline Edition' announced for August release MOONBYTE GAMES

A retooled and remastered version of Crashday is coming to Steam next month courtesy of 2tainment and Moonbyte Games.  Titled Crashday: Redline Edition, the game will feature an improved multiplayer mode, a wide variety of action-packed game modes, plus new modding functions, and an integrated track editor.

The original Crashday released in 2006 and was published by Atari.  It gained a cult following of sorts and original developer Moonbyte Games worked with the game's fans in creating the new remastered version.  With the help of the game’s fan community, Moonbyte expanded the arcade racing game's modding support and multiplayer options.

Crashday: Redline Edition will be available in August for digital download from Steam for $11.99.

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