Mastiff celebrates 15 years

Mastiff's new logo. Mastiff's new logo. MASTIFF

Video game publisher Mastiff is celebrating 15 years in the industry.

"We're doing a bit of rebranding with lots in store for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018, including 15th Anniversary sales and promotions on Mastiff's roster of titles, a revamped website, and have an exciting wave of new titles that we're looking to announce very soon," the company stated via press release.

As for what to expect in Mastiff's 15th year, we should find out soon enough.  As for the past decade and a half, Mastiff has put out a variety of games on a number of platforms including Space Invaders Revolution on Nintendo DS, Deer Drive on Wii, Gurumin: A Monsterous Adventure on PS Vita, and (most recently) Gurumin 3D on 3DS.

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