Whirlwind FX launches Vortx, the world’s first evironmental simulator for PC gaming

Vortx laptop setup.. Vortx laptop setup.. BUSINESS WIRE

Whirlwind FX, today announced the North American launch of Vortx, the world’s first environmental simulator for PCs that augments video games and multimedia. Using proprietary technology to unpack complex audio and visual cues, Vortx reacts in real-time to on-screen stimuli with direct blasts of heated and cool air to simulate wind, explosions, and other action. With an easy plug-and-play USB setup, Vortx works with any game or multimedia experience right out of the box.

ortx’s EX algorithm is a patented environmental experience engine built to create a physical response to multimedia instantly adjusting to individual playstyles, on-the-fly. A streamlined air deflector within the Vortx forces air through heating elements for precise temperature control which produces effects felt up to six feet away. An adjustable airflow nozzle, along with lighting and temperature controls offer customized settings.

Intended to amplify media, the Vortx’s hot and cool air effects add another dimension to interactive storytelling, thrilling the user and further blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. Jumping out of a plane, avoiding incoming grenades, driving a vehicle or even exploring an alien planet can be felt now.

“I was inspired to develop Vortx after being in a virtual reality demo on the top of Mount Everest when someone opened a door, and I got a gust of wind on my body,” said Timothy Sun, Founder and CEO of Whirlwind FX. “An engineer by trade, I was motivated to find a way to recreate an immersive experience for others that goes beyond the boundaries of sight and sound. Vortx adds a deeper level of presence and depth, bringing users inside games like never before.”

Named “Best Gaming Product” finalist by Engadget at CES 2018, Vortx is available now in North America for $119.99. This version of Vortx is PC-only, works with any game and requires PCs with Windows 10. Vortx is the first product from Whirlwind FX, a Bay Area-based startup founded in 2017.

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