Platformer 'Super Phantom Cat' is getting a sequel

Platformer 'Super Phantom Cat' is getting a sequel VEEWO GAMES

Veewo Games' cute mobile game, Super Phantom Cat, is getting a sequel.

Releasing this August for iOS, and roughly a month later on Android devices, Super Phantom Cat 2 continues with the story of Ari and his little sister Ina, who encounter a giant robot while on a stroll across a deserted land.  As luck would have it, the robot kidnaps (cat-naps?) Ina and it's up to Ari to save her.

The game features four chapters – each with seven levels – as well as new enemy types and a myriad of obstacles that Ari must face on his quest.  To even the odds, friendly sprite Elo will be there to guide him.  Players will also be able to uncover secrets and collect data to unlock more than 20 new playable characters.

“We’re thrilled to officially announce Super Phantom Cat 2!  In a matter of weeks, fans will be able to enter the Phantom World once again and meet a bunch of new, playful characters as they take on a whole new challenge and play with friends all over the world," says Veewo Games CEO Jason Yeung.  "It was immediately clear that we struck a chord with the original Super Phantom Cat – which has been a great success.  We poured our hearts and souls into the sequel to make it even more of shared experience, and we sincerely hope that players rediscover that feeling of whimsy and wonder as they explore the game on their mobile devices.”

Super Phantom Cat was originally released on the App Store in January 2016 and arrived on Google Play in April 2016.  The sequel releases next month.

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