Beat the game, plant a tree

Beat the game, plant a tree ZNAVIT GAMES

Those who beat the iOS/Android game Seeds: The Magic Garden get something no other game can offer.  They'll have a tree planted on their behalf courtesy of international conservation charity World Land Trust.

Seeds: The Magic Garden is an upcoming puzzler developed by Znavit Games for smartphones and tablets that tasks players with rescuing and growing magical plants.  Players join friendly beetle-cat Arni on a quest to save nearly-extinct plants by matching different colored stones.  They'll use a variety of boosters and create “root paths” to help grow 30 extinct plants – but they'll need to watch out for toxins, explosions, and other hazards.  Upon completion of the game, players will not only be saving a tree, but they'll also receive a certificate that can be saved to your device and shared on Facebook.

“We want to thank World Land Trust for helping us make a difference – and allowing our players to do the same," says Znavit Games co-founder Ori Behrend.  "With the upcoming release of SEEDS, we hope that other game developers will see the partnership with WLT as a solid way to make games and give back to the planet.”

Znavit Games says full pricing info and a release date for Seeds: The Magical Garden will be announced in the near future.

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