Stealth puzzler 'Vive le Roi' releases for PC, mobile

Stealth puzzler 'Vive le Roi' releases for PC, mobile M4

Now available for PC as well as iOS and Android devices is Vive le Roi, a stealth-puzzle game published by Canadian game publisher M4.

Vive le Roi transports players to the French Revolution in 1793.  With King Louis XVI is headed to the guillotine, it's up to the player to stop events from getting out of hand.  To accomplish your goal, players will need to master complex puzzles, beat 30 different levels, employ stealth to maintain anonymity, and use objects in the environment to find a way past the guards.

“A love of French history and art is evident in every frame of animation of Vive le Roi," says M4 CEO Jeff Giasson.  "Making extensive use of silhouettes, the game’s distinct look lends itself beautifully to stealth gameplay – and the puzzles sprinkled through every level are appropriately devious.”

Vive le Roi is now available on the Windows Store for $3.99 and is also available via Steam.  On iOS and Android, the game sells for three bucks.

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