Adventure game 'Thimbleweed Park' releases for Switch

Adventure game 'Thimbleweed Park' releases for Switch TERRIBLE TOYBOX, INC.

It's time to get your super sleuth cap on as the indie game Thimbleweed Park releases for Nintendo Switch courtesy of Terrible Toybox.

In this "whodunnit" mystery, the Thimbleweed Park Sheriff has formally closed the ongoing investigation into the dead body that was located under the bridge due to a lack of evidence, dwindling interest, and a desire to get home in time to watch some wrestling on television.  That's were you come in.  With officials stonewalling the murder investigation, it's up to the player to solve the case.

The Switch version of Thimbleweed Park supports both Joy-Con controllers and touch screen functionality so players can easily switch between tabletop, handheld, and TV modes.

The game is available via the Nintendo eShop price for twenty bucks.

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