Atmospheric puzzler 'San Giorli' launching this Autumn

Atmospheric puzzler 'San Giorli' launching this Autumn TENCENT

Tencent's next mobile game, a puzzler called San Giorli, is set to release onto the App Store very soon.

San Giorli is a free-to-play puzzle game that's set in an imaginary cyberpunk landscape that features three unique Eastern-inspired cities.  Players of the game control the Captain, a technician who grew up in Old Town San Giorli and is now returning home for the first time in a decade.  He finds his childhood hometown has been spoiled and is no longer the beautiful, neon-lit city he remembers.  In an effort to restore the lights, the Captain floats through the city and attempts to fix the damage that has been done over time.  Players navigate the Captain through a series of 23 different physics-based puzzles to reconnect cables and restore the distinctive neon lights of San Giorli.

"We started with the idea of creating something unique and fun for Tencent's Annual Mini-Game Competition," says Drake Li, San Giorli's executive designer.  "But after our initial design won first place in the competition, we were granted the opportunity to publish the game, and San Giorli evolved from its early, simple design into a vehicle meant to convey a message about the conflict between preservation of culture and urbanization."

San Giorli will be available in 11 languages and is optimized for iOS 11.

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