'GTA'-inspired 'Riskers' coming to Steam next week

'GTA'-inspired 'Riskers' coming to Steam next week SHOTX STUDIO

Coming Oct. 17 to Steam is the indie-made computer game Riskers.  Inspired by Grand Theft Auto, developer ShotX Studio describes the game as a tale of revenge that merges brutal gunplay with reckless driving.

Players of this 2D top-down shooter take on the role of ex-con-turned-lowly-garbageman Rick Paradis.  After finding a briefcase filled with money and deciding to keep the cash, Paradis must now fight to survive as he is hunted down by thugs out to get what is rightfully theirs.  Things quickly take a personal turn as Rick’s brother becomes a casualty.  He must now make things right regardless of whether or not it involves once again breaking the law.

Riskers mixes a trio of game genres -- top-down action, driving, and shooting -- in an interactive world that comes complete with a day/night cycle.  Players can also eliminate enemies with a selection of eight different weapons (chair throwing not included) and can also take a break from the main story by completing a variety of side missions.

Releasing Oct. 17 via Steam, Riskers is a Windows PC exclusive.

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