ARPG/RTS-hybrid 'Strain Tactics' releases onto mobile

An in-game screenshot from the iOS/Android game 'Strain Tactics'. An in-game screenshot from the iOS/Android game 'Strain Tactics'. TOUCH DIMENSIONS

Touch Dimensions' upcoming  action-RPG/RTS hybrid game, Strain Tactics, is now available for iOS and Android devices.

Featuring more than 30 maps and five unique scenarios, the game takes place after a secret war that was fought on the surface of Neptune against a hostile alien organism.  Players are faced with the realization that the “Strain” threat is heading for Earth.  As a re-cloned commander of the Neptune Incident, the player must now take command of up to five ground team members to defeat it.

“We’re thrilled to bring Strain Tactics to Android and iOS," says Touch Dimensions co-founder Jeffrey Jiang.  "We envisioned the game with mobile in mind, so it works beautifully on touchscreens.”

Strain Tactics is now available on iOS and Android for $5.99.  The game was previously released on PC.

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