Real-time RPG 'Hyakki Castle' launches onto Steam

An in-game look at 'Hyakki Castle'. An in-game look at 'Hyakki Castle'. ASAKUSA STUDIOS

Now available for PC via Steam is Asakusa Studios' real-time dungeon RPG, Hyakki Castle.

The game, which is set in the 18th century during the Edo Period of Japan,  transports players to a terrifying haunted castle, where players are charged with leading a party to subdue the castle’s miserable lord.  It's inspired by classic Japanese “Fantastical World” folklore and ghost stories and features an Ukiyoe art style as players explore the frightening halls of the castle, all the while battle forbidding demons and terrifying ghosts along the way.

Hyakki Castle brings with it a different approach to the traditional real-time dungeon RPG battle system by encouraging players to split their party with its two-party system.  For more veteran gamers, think of it as something akin to the Phoenix Cave in Final Fantasy VI.  The player's teams will need to work together to use unique skills and equip up to four actions at the same time to aid in eradicating monsters with distinctive attacks, defenses, projectiles and magic spells while executing pincer attacks, flanking enemies, and so on.

“All of us are particularly enthusiastic for the opportunity to add our contribution to the dungeon RPG genre, creating a thrilling, mysterious, and suspenseful experience,” said Masaru Saito, Producer at publisher Happinet.  “We’re proud that Hyakki Castle showcases the deep roots of Japan’s rich folklore and hope it delivers an exceptional and gratifying experience to RPG fans around the world.”

Developed by Asakusa Studios, Hyakki Castle is published by Happinet.

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