3D brawler 'Heart & Slash' releases for Switch

A Steam screenshot from 'Heart & Slash'. A Steam screenshot from 'Heart & Slash'. AHEARTFULOFGAMES

Heart & Slash, a 3D brawler made by aheartfulofgames is now available on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch.

In Heart & Slash, players put themselves in the "shell" of Heart, a robot that doesn't function properly and struggles to maintain its identity against standardization henchmen.  Along the way he meets Slash, a veteran of the dystopian world in which the game takes place.  Players will have to try and get Slash's attention, but how to do it will depend on the player.  For every' challenge (every chance to impress Slash) players will have a couple of different opportunities that will end up defining the relationship between them and how the story ends.

The game is spread out across 71 missions and features 135 pieces of equipment, 6 selectable characters, and 93 different enemies.  To keep things fresh, there are also roguelike mechanics, randomly-generation maps, items, and enemies.

Going alongside the Switch release of Heart & Slash, the Steam version has been updated to include its Kickstarter final stretch goal: Endless Dungeon mode.  Heart & Slash is also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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