'Final Fantasy Awakening' launches for iOS, Android

'Final Fantasy Awakening' launches for iOS, Android SQUARE-ENIX / OASIS GAMES

The English-language version Final Fantasy Awakening is now available for iOS and Android devices from Oasis Games.

Officially licensed by Square-Enix, Final Fantasy Awakening features high-speed, action-based combat and requires strategy based on the various moves and fighting styles of each of the original fourteen Type-0 warriors. Beyond them, there are other characters who can be recruited or unlocked and added to their teams.  By leveling up, players will also be able to claim in-game funds to enhance the skills and equipment of the whole team.

The game inherited the original trinity battle form which three players out of the team can cast their ultimate strokes together on the enemy and Final Fantasy Awakening extends the 1+2+2 battle form.  Players can also flexibly adjust the battle formation time by time during battles specific to different battle scenarios and according to the current characters' skills.  Players may even summon Eidolons to shift the course of battle. 

Oasis Games says Awakening stays true to its roots with more than 200 high-quality cinematics and the original Japanese voice actors: Hanazawa Kana (Deuce), Kaji Yuuki (Ace), Nakamura Yuuichi (Trey), and more.  They say with Final Fantasy Awakening they hope to provide the most immersive game experience possible to all the players.

Unfortunately, this newly-launched English-language version of Final Fantasy Awakening is only available in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, India, Laos, Cambodia, and Burma.

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