Soccer game 'Champion Eleven' releasing soon on mobile

Soccer game 'Champion Eleven' releasing soon on mobile MEOGAMES

Game studio MeoGames says its upcoming soccer management title, Champions Eleven, will be releasing "soon" on iOS and Android.

In Champion Eleven , players create their own soccer club and run it however they want.  As each player works to strengthen their team, real-time player-to-player competition and rivalries can be formed with players the from across the globe.  Furthermore, players can make real-time adjustments based on their opponent's tactics or players, with each decision potentially affecting the final result of the match.  The game also features a Championship mode in which players are matched up with others from around the world for PVP gameplay, simulating a real tournament-style event.  Tournament championsreceive a hefty bonus, which can be used to purchase superstar players, strengthen their club facilities, or develop and improve the strength of players.

Champion Eleven additionally has a Ranking Match mode that is designed to offer playersa more intense and competitive experience.  In this mode, players can challenge higher-ranked teams.  Defeating these teams mean a rise in the leaderboard, but success can come at a cost.  Fatigue, injury, and low morale can be an unwary manager’s downfall.

Champion Eleven is officially licensed by FIFPro.

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