Spy-themed strategy game 'Safe House' dated for May release

Spy-themed strategy game 'Safe House' dated for May release LABS GAMES

Canadian game developer Labs Games' next game, Safe House, is set for release onto Steam next week.

Coming out May 22, Safe House transports players to the fictional world of Kazataire.  It's a nation suffering from chronic corruption after a devastating military coup.  In the game, players on the role of an intelligence officer with the CIA who joins an elite task force bent on collecting valuable intel and toppling those in power.

Players construct and manage their own top-secret spy headquarters as they devise and solve a variety of spy-themed puzzles such as decoding scrambled messages, forging documents, and exchanging secret phrases.  The game also features a non-linear single player campaign, multiple endings based on player choices, and an unpredictable ‘Endless’ mode.

Safe House will be available on Steam Tuesday, May 22 for $8.99.  The game will then return to its original price of $9.99 on May 29 – one week after launch.

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