PWE announces new battle royale game 'FarSide'

PWE announces new battle royale game 'FarSide' PERFECT WORLD ENTERTINAMENT

Perfect World Entertainment is jumping onto the battle royale bandwagon with the announcement of FarSide on mobile.

Here's what the company says about the game:

Battle for your life in FarSide, Perfect World's thrilling new battle royale game.  Players find themselves skydiving into the FarSide Arena, where they must track down weapons, vehicles, and survival equipment in order to achieve victory. As the battle continues, the arena will shrink, forcing players to confront each other in a knock-down-drag-out final battle.

PWE says FarSide will feature an unlimited use of vehicles to allow players to move quickly through the arena and evacuate dangerous areas as well as real recoil and parabolic ballistic shooting to make FarSide "a truly tactical competition."  The game will also boast a vast, immersive arena for players to explore and conquer along with a variety of skills for players to master such as firearms, driving, swimming, and nature.

Perfect World Entertainment has not yet said exactly when FarSide will be releasing, nor whether it will be on iOS, Android, or both.

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