Sandbox MMORPG 'ReEvolve' announced for mobile

Sandbox MMORPG 'ReEvolve' announced for mobile PERFECT WORLD ENTERTAINMENT

Perfect World Entertainment announces ReEvolve, the company's first sandbox MMORPG for mobile.

In ReEvolve, war, plague, and evil have brought humanity to the brink of extinction.  The only thing standing in the way of total annihilation-time travel and the game charges players with an important task: use the future's space-time tunneling technology to past eras and other planets in order to build a newer, brighter future.

Says Perfect World Entertainment:

With ReEvolve's stunning mobile gameplay, rich interpersonal interactions, and vastly detailed open world format, the future is quite literally in your hands.  The game features an immersive, real-world environment, replete with a range of different ecosystems, a day and night cycle, changing weather, and realistic animal behaviors including food chains and migration.  The game also features a a mechanism that allows players to craft new items and buildings with the natural resources they've obtained.  Players can build and maintain their own bases on the map, on which they can build houses, plant crops, breed animals, and construct defenses against hostile neighbors.  The game offers both a PvE mode-in which players battle against wild monsters-and a PvP mode, which includes both a Team Death Match and a Solo PvP. 

ReEvolve does not yet have a solid release date.

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