Tower defense game 'Hipster Attack' announced for PC, mobile

Tower defense game 'Hipster Attack' announced for PC, mobile TELEVISOR

Grab a latte and trim your beard as developer/publisher Televisor announces the upcoming computer game Hipster Attack.

Televisor says Hipster Attack is a new tower defense game done in a style similar to Plants vs Zombies.  Instead of undead terrors, however, players battle mindless lemmings that (ironically) obsess on trends while trying to look like they're “deeply” unique.  In short, tgame has players taking command a squad of brave and loyal workers from janitors to top-level HR managers in a fight against legions of hipsters who are trying to take over the local coffee shop.

Take a look:

Hipster Attack is expected to release in late summer for PC via Steam as well as iOS and Android devices via their respective digital stores.

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