Capcom announces 'Black Command' for iOS, Android

Capcom announces 'Black Command' for iOS, Android CAPCOM

Capcom announces Black Command, a new mobile-exclusive game.

It's a fight for profit is this modern day war game.  Players run their own private military company (PMC), travel to hotspots around the globe, lead an elite team of mercenaries, organize troops, and dominate the battlefield.

In addition to the main battle missions, players can carry out assassinations, hostage rescue, convoy protection missions, and more.  In order to win, players will need to hire the best mercenaries, acquire new weapons and equipment, and strengthen their PMC.

The game features more than 150 weapons and ten conflict zones.  Furthermore, missions and mercs regenerate every time to provide for nearly endless gameplay.

Black Command releases this fall and is currently available for preorder via the App Store and Google Play.

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