Anime RPG 'Langrisser Mobile' announced for 2019 release

Anime RPG 'Langrisser Mobile' announced for 2019 release ZLONGAME

A new mobile game based on the classic RPG series Langrisser is coming out on mobile in 2019.

Titled Langrisser Mobile, the game will feature the classic turn-based strategic gameplay of the original series, with class suppression, terrain effects, and unique class trees for a customizable battle experience.  The game features more than 300 classic levels, an original score by series composer Noriyuki Iwadare, and all of the heroes from the main series.

Developed by Japan's Masaya Games, the Langrisser series debuted in 1991 and has long been regarded as one of the two titans of tactical turn-based combat, along with Nintendo's Fire Emblem series.  With a story spanning five generations of games, it introduced the soldier system and class transfer to the RPG genre.

"Tactical games have always been one of the most brilliant genres in the history of gaming, and mobile platforms can be utilized to provide a complete and first-class gaming experience to tactical battle fans," says CEO Wang Yi.  "Nintendo's Fire Emblem: Heroes has proven that tactical RPGs can excel on mobile, and we believe that Langrisser, with its equal standing in tactical RPG history, will win the hearts of strategy gamers around the world. We're all looking forward to seeing how Langrisser performs and where we can take the series next."

Langrisser Mobile is being published by ZLONGAME, a newcomer to the mobile gaming scene.

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