New 'Pac-Man' game releases on iOS, Android

New 'Pac-Man' game releases on iOS, Android BANDAI NAMCO

Bandai Namco releases Pac-Man: Ralph Breaks the Maze for iOS and Android devices, a game designed for Pac-Man and Disney fans alike.

In the game, players can collect the characters from Ralph Breaks the Internet and from the Disney characters featured in the film in a remastered version of the iconic chasing adventure, Pac-Man.  Players will eat power pellets to weaken ghosts and use items unique to characters from the Disney universe to earn bonus points for smashing high scores.

Players will guide the classic coin-op arcade hero, Pac-Man, through new mazes in Pac-Man: Ralph Breaks the Maze.  They can run away or eat ghosts to earn high scores and higher levels while chowing down on special items and collecting characters from Ralph Break the Internet and other favorite Disney movies.  Unlockable characters come with themed power-ups that add to the excitement.

Pac-Man: Ralph Breaks the Maze is available now as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

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