RPG 'Langrisser Mobile' closed beta date set

RPG 'Langrisser Mobile' closed beta date set ZLONGAME

Game publisher ZLONGAME unveiled Wednesday that the closed beta test for its upcoming strategy RPG, Langrisser Mobile, will begin on Nov. 29, 2018.

In the beta, players will get to experience many of the main elements of play that has built the Langrisser franchise such a strong following since its debut in 1991, as well as introduce some innovative new features that should please longtime fans as well as interest new comers to the series.

The closed beta will be available for both Android (via Google Play Open Beta) and iOS via (Test Flight).  Because it's scheduled to be a small closed test with limited players, in-app purchases will not be available.  Due to the innate instability of an early test version of this kind, player progress and data will be deleted at the end of the test to avoid account security issues.

"To ensure the stability and effectiveness of this test version, only a small number of players will be invited to participate in the test," it states on the Langrisser Mobile Facebook page.  "You’ll be able to download and experience the game for a set period of time after the test begins.  When the number of players reaches the limit, further downloads will be restricted, therefore, subsequent players may not be able to download the game.  This is to ensure that the test goes smoothly in order to provide you with an optimized game experience in the future.  We apologize in advance to all the Commanders who don’t make it into the test."

Langrisser Mobile is scheduled to launch globally on both iOS and Android in early 2019.


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