Digital CCG 'Star Realms' gets new expansion

Digital CCG 'Star Realms' gets new expansion WHITE WIZARD GAMES

Fans of White Wizard Games' digital CCG, Star Realms, have something new to check out as the game receives a new expansion.

Called Star Realms United: Missions, the expansion adds a new card type (Mission cards) as well as a new win condition to give players yet another way to rule the stars.

"Missions are a new card type that give players an alternate win condition," says the game publisher via press release.  "Each player receives three at the start of the game, and keep them hidden.  When a player fulfills an objective, they reveal the mission, and score the reward.  When they score their third mission, they win the game"

Star Realms is a free download from Steam on PC, the App Store on iOS, and Google Play on Android.  The game offers in-game purchases for those who want to expand it beyond its basic gameplay.

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