Sci-fi RPG 'Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows' lands on Steam

Sci-fi RPG 'Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows' lands on Steam FAIR WEATHER STUDIOS

Fair Weather Studios't urn-based strategy RPG hybrid, Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows, is now available for PC via Steam.

Set in the sci-fi universe of Frontier, the game expands upon Ancient Frontier as players will build their pirate space fleet and hire a diverse crew of their choosing to become the most feared pirate in all of the twelve systems.  Furthermore, it features tactical turn-based combat with RPG progression set to a fully voiced story.  Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows also includes the Random Event and Crew Free DLCs from the original Ancient Frontier game.

Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows boasts a full campaign with more than 20 story missions in addition to more than 50 additional procedurally generated side missions.  The game also features a dynamic initiative-based turn-based combat with dozens of different weapon systems and abilities to control.  Beyond that, players can experience over 50 random events as well as purchase, outfit, and control the unique pirate faction ships.

Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows is a Windows PC exclusive.

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