Matching game 'Chief Puzzle Officer' releases on mobile

Matching game 'Chief Puzzle Officer' releases on mobile DUOFUN STUDIOS

A new puzzle game has come out for iOS and Android devices featuring four-player co-op and PvE campaigns called Chief Puzzle Officer.

A gem-matching game, Chief Puzzle Officer is a business-themed game from DuoFun Studios in which players can build and customize their very own "Megacorp Guild" from the ground up.  They can hone their business savvy skills by following a dynamic story across the Campaign mode and can also participate in special events to learn the ropes and rank up.  Players can establish a powerhouse company board by collecting and upgrading more than 100 unique cards in order to gain an edge in battle.  They can also team up with friends to unleash puzzle combo attacks in order to take down rival Guilds in real-time multiplayer match-three battles where the winning Guild receives fame, loyalty, and loot.

Chief Puzzle Officer is a free-to-play game but unlike many others of its ilk it has no sort of energy system, building timers, or other elements that are designed to hinder continuous play.

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